Covering clients against the cost of investigations by the Inland Revenue & Customs & Excise.

Arranged through Abbey Tax Protection

Who is at Risk?

Every individual and business - sole trader, partnership or company - can fall victim to a Self Assessment Full Enquiry.

Concerned about Self Assessment?

  • Did you know that the Inland Revenue will be able to investigate tax payers at random?
  • Did you know that the Inspector no longer has to give a reason for any investigation?
  • Did you know that the average length of an accounts investigation is 18 months?
  • Did you know that you are guilty until proved innocent in income tax legislation?
  • Did you know that fees in some cases could exceed £5,000 to defend you.

In the last budget the Chancellor announced a £66M investment package to bring in a further £1.6 billion in additional tax, interest and penalties from investigations work!

Killicks can arrange insurance to protect you against the cost of representation in these investigations.