Wealth Planning & Advice

Financial Advice has developed so much over recent years that it now covers a huge spectrum of financial planning opportunities. Many of these areas are becoming increasingly complex. All the more reason why you need to find an adviser you can work with. 

Putting your interests first

If your relationship with your financial adviser is successful, you'll work together for many years. We're truly dedicated to staying with you for the longer term, not simply because it's in our interests too. Whatever your financial goals or personal circumstances, the service has been designed to give you the information and advice you need. 

Delivering tailored financial solutions

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial and life goals. To that end, we have built a network of trusted advisers, who have spent many years seeking solutions they are happy to recommend. As a firm, we do not have 'a typical client', nor do we have a single style of delivering advice. Our clients encompass a wide and diverse range from all walks of society, income levels and asset bases, and advice ranges from the provision of specific investment advice, to a more holistic approach to a person's financial planning. We ensure that our trusted advisers also provide flexibility in the way they are paid for the advice they give and the work they do, so if like us, you have a preference for fees rather than the more traditional approach of taking commissions on products sold, we can accommodate you. In meeting new clients we will look to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their circumstances. By establishing in detail your aims and objectives, and thoroughly understanding your current situation, our "partners" provide advice on strategy and on the products and services that will help you reach your goals. Our "partners" normally derive their income from commission paid to them by life assurance companies and the operators of collective investment schemes through which investments are made. They shall tell you the amount of commission payable to them on any such investment. If they receive a commission or other form of benefit from the issuer of a security or from another intermediary, they will inform you, but will not tell you its amount unless you ask them to do so. Alternatively, if you propose to operate on a fee basis, they will agree its basis, frequency and method with you in writing before they carry out any chargeable work. Should they receive commission from any third party in relation to transactions arranged for you, they may offset the amount received against any fees due. We will normally receive an introducers' commission from the adviser used and we will inform you, in writing, of any amount received.