Are your insurance policies held within a trust arrangement? If not are you aware that any benefits may well end up inside your estate, and potentially subject to a 40% Inheritance Tax charge. There are many reasons why you might not want to place certain policies within a trust arrangement, but outside of those, it makes sense to leave as much of the benefits to your beneficiaries rather than the Inland Revenue. Our review of your policies will bring to light any planning opportunities that might arise in this area. 


  • An alternative strategy for your pension
  • A balanced portfolio of investments

The flexibility of alternative investments 

Whether through breaks from work, or periods on non-pensionable employment or a variety of other reasons, many people are realising that they need an alternative strategy for their income in retirement. There are many reasons why the flexibility of more accessible investments would make them an attractive alternative for someone saving for retirement. However, rather than get sucked in to the next investment fad, you could consider making long-term investments in consistently high performing, low charging products from stable companies to build a nest-egg for your retirement. 

Arranging a balanced portfolio of investments 

Our trusted advisers can recommend a portfolio of investments from appropriate investment houses, across a range of risk profiles and time periods. They work with you (as well as us) to understand your objectives - for example, educating your children, saving to purchase another property, or any other purpose.