A review of your cover may save you money: Most people put off reviewing their life assurance and protection needs for as long as possible, but as you get older, the risks of death or serious disability increase, and taking advice about life assurance and protection needs should become a priority. Even if you feel that you have sufficient cover, you may find that a review of your insurance might save you money. The cost of life insurance has fallen dramatically in recent years, so topping up your cover, or replacing existing cover might be cheaper than you think.

Because of the nature of the contracts, we each spend some time each year reviewing the insurance cover for our cars and our homes (buildings and contents), yet very few of us make regular reviews of our personal insurance needs to reflect our dependants changing needs, or our own needs should we become seriously ill or injured.

Whilst it is important to ensure that the risks are covered, and that you are adequately insured, it is equally important to ensure that you are not paying premiums needlessly. Being over insured means paying higher premiums than necessary, money that could be better employed elsewhere. Our client reviews seek to ensure that you only pay for the cover you need, and we bring to your attention any shortfalls in cover, or situations of over insurance.